INEDIT_6 Panoramic Houses

Costa Rica

Investment & Design 2017 & Build 2018-2019

Urbanization 5.330 m2 I Build 3.800 m2 I Lot size 888 m2 I Floor area 570 m2

To give continuity to the landscape, recomposing its topography and vegetation, establishing a dialogue in texture and color, thus appearing as a timeless element that delimits and frames, in a tense horizontal gesture, with the valley at its feet. This is how a group is born, a family of 6 houses that, forming a cohesive group, become independent in their staggered arrangement and in their individual gaze on the surrounding landscape.

6 houses with independent access from Calle Lajas, a continuous axis from east to west which turns into Avenida 3, ending in downtown Santa Ana; a site superimposed on the consolidated urban fabric that gives it a privileged position where the required proximity and privacy are achieved.

Deeply rooted in the ground, they emerge outward in a gesture of lightness, undoing matter to become air, where the interior and exterior merge without apparent limits.

The articulation of the interior program is carried out through an abstract landscape made up of repetition and diffuse reflections. A landscape-hallway flooded with overhead light that connects us vertically with the earth and the sky. A linear landscape reveals to us in a continuous sequence, the spaces that one by one frame the exterior views; open spaces to the porch, the water, the garden and the sky. Spaces with a light, ethereal atmosphere.

The soft and nuanced reflections of light and landscape enrich the marble of the wall embedded in the ground and the floor. The marble; «olimpic striato», solid and elegant that accompanies us in all rooms, providing all interiors with the sobriety and tranquility of the eternal.